We would like to help kids to learn about friendship, the environment and themselves. Here are a few books that could bring more to the attention of children and teach them how to love and look after the environment. And how to love and look after themselves as well.


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The Rubbish Rebellion mission is clear: save the sea, animals and forests. Through illustration and verse, Chez shows children the damage litter has on wildlife and nature and urges them to help the forest fairies by cleaning up after themselves whenever they’re outdoors.

A nature lover and keen kayaker, Chez says she is horrified by the amount of rubbish, particularly plastic, she sees when out on the water, and is deeply concerned about the impact on unsuspecting wildlife. Wherever possible she pulls items into her kayak for safe disposal when back on shore, but despairs at the scale of the problem and knows much more needs to be done.

The Rubbish Rebellion is an educational series Chez wrote to help create awareness in children about the importance of protecting the environment. “Littering is such a huge global issue and we must all help the planet any way we can for future generations. When I’m out kayaking, I’m always litter-picking plastic and other rubbish from the water. I pull out what I can but so much more is needed to reduce this growing problem and prevent the harm it is doing,” Chez says.

Chez is targeting environmental warriors of the future in her book series The Rubbish Rebellion. The series was created to educate children about how litter impacts the ocean, waterways and forests, and the harm it causes to animals and the environment. 



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Marion Brownlie has written four children’s books so far. The Star series has been created for children to help them understand their feelings and emotions, and to learn that they can love and be loved.

The Spirit series helps children to understand themselves, and to know who they really are. Beautifully illustrated, the gentle guidance of Spirit of Self can show children how find their own inner strength and essence. It will help them to understand their own thoughts and feelings, guiding them through many challenges during childhood and lay a foundation for their later years.


Audio Excerpt from Spirit of Self


Audio Excerpt from Spirit of Water