Its Time for the Children

…And time for parents to spend more time with them, teaching them to be kind, considerate, and to learn about the world. Its a beautiful place. 

Growing up in today’s society is not easy, it is ever-changing and fraught with dangers. But, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Children learn as they grow, and teaching them about the world of books is something that will be with them for life. 

Books are always on hand to fill the gap. Books can excite – they can ignite – can teach – and be lots of fun. They can be there when happy, or lift someone who is sad.  Children immersed in the world of books will always have something to fall back on. 

What books does your child like to read? 

Fairy Folk books are about helping others and friendship. Through gentle learning, children will love the stories with pictures, about pixies, elves and their helpers. 

Book 3, Fairy Folk and Fantastic Friends is a picture book of short cute bedtime stories. Some of the fantastic friends are Mr Caterpillar, Lenny Longarms, Fuzzy Buzzy, the Gloopy family, and lots more. 


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